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Welcome to McCarty's
Cairn Terriers of Simonton Farms

EST. 1983

Where Dogs Can Be Dogs & Run Free | Responsible Breeding | Find The Perfect Match For Your Family


A hearty dog bred in Scotland for hunting, the Cairn Terrier is now a wonderful family pet. They are a very healthy dog, easily maintained, with a non-shedding coat and when groomed has an elegant look. These dogs are suited for indoor OR outdoor life. They are a small dog. Our Cairns weigh from 12-22 lbs.  Wheaten Cairn Terriers usually lighten. The brindle Cairn Terriers can start out dark brindle and end up a silver brindle. The American Kennel Club
has more on breed information. Let us help you find the right match.

Relax knowing you are working with a breeder that takes dog responsibility and care seriously. Our dogs are able to run free in a safe and controlled environment. Our dogs can be dogs to roam around and play in ponds!


We have passed all inspections with the highest award level.
Genetic tests are done with Embark, Gen-sol & O.F.A.

Around Simonton Farms | Puppy Play Area

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