Guarantee, face to face shipping*, health certification, vaccine
and deworming schedule, list of A1 quality foods and vitamins,
and our free consultion service.
We do not ship by air unattended. What this means is that we fly
with your puppy. We also offer ground shipping, which means I
personally drive the puppy to you. We prefer that you come
directly to our home so we meet each
other:) it is understandable
that some people cannot come here personally so this is why we
offer a face to face shipping program.
Prices may vary.
Health Certification
In the state of Florida, it is required by law that all dogs sold in
the state have
a Florida Agriculture Health Certificate filled out
by a FL licensed veterinarian.
Also, no pup can leave the mother before 8 weeks of age.
Our Care
Our moms always get Eukanuba puppy food and Nu-vet vitamins
throughout their pregnancy and during lactation.
We keep a schedule/chart, recording every little thing that is
done beginning at birth.
Dewormings are done at 2, 4, 6,& 8 weeks old. We use
Strongid-t, then panacur and follow up with Drontel-plus by
Bayer(this schedule sometimes varies).
Our vaccines begin at 4 weeks old. We use Dr. Page's
groundbreaking Neo-Par vaccine at 4 & 6 weeks old. Bordetella
is given to the mother at the 7th week of gestation and to her
pups at 4 & 8 weeks. A 5-1 vaccine is given during the health
check Our vet, Dr. Jennifer Embury D.V.M., does all our vet
We have two other vets that we use at times. We continue to
provide the best possible care to our pups until they leave to go
to their new homes. Please feel free to ask any questions you like
about our care and animal husbandry philosophy.
Food and Vitamins
Small Breed Eukanuba
NuVet vitamins
To order: 1(800)474-7044 or
Use Code #44734
Email us