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A hearty dog bred in the British Isles
for hunting, the Cairn Terrier is now a
wonderful family pet. They are easily
maintained. They are a very healthy
dog with a non-shedding coat and
when groomed has an elegant look.
These dogs are suited for indoor OR
outdoor life. They are a small dog. Our
Cairns weigh from 12-19lbs.  Wheaten
Cairn Terriers usually lighten. The
brindle Cairn Terriers can start out
dark brindle and end up a silver
brindle .  The American Kennel Club
and www.universalkennel. com has
more on breed information.
~Susan McCarty
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Hilda and Snowmane litter
D.O.B. July 25, 2015
Girl, brindle sold
Boy, brindle sold
Boy, brindle available
Boy, brindle available
Girl, brindle available
Myrtle litter
D.O.B. A
ugust 8, 2015
Girl, brindle
Boy, brindle
Girl, brindle